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During the past two or three years, I've written several--well, more than several--articles for LinkedIn that I often, but not always, simultaneously published on Medium and Casetext.

Many of these articles are law-related. The subjects range from Saudi legal matters to copyright, with a few book and movie reviews thrown in for good measure.

The story about James Joyce's flight from Nazi-occupied France and his refusal to accept a passport from a neutral country that would have permitted easy travel led to an interesting e-mail exchange with a relative of Joyce's wife Nora.

The articles warning of collateral consequences to the proposed Saudi Aramco IPO led to multiple insistent, stalking-like telephone calls from a Wall Street Journal reporter who was upset that I would not be a source for him. The articles speak for themselves. I wrote that he could feel free to quote from them with attribution, but that wasn't enough.

I wish I had the time to update all the articles. The Star Trek Axanar litigation was settled obviating a judicial pronouncement on whether a copyright oral license is valid (I believe it is). The Kerouac Estate's shenanigans (a Florida court found that the current Executor exercises powers under a fraudulent testament) will stay on the backburner because the Kerouac Estate wisely settled with the Casady Estate in the "Joan Anderson Letter" litigation.

The warning in the article "Parallel Lines" has fortunately not proven accurate. The current U.S. president answers not to history, but to himself. If he had a messianic streak, the world would be doomed.

The list of articles with links can be found below.

List of Articles

All of these are links to the Articles on LinkedIn. The articles can also be found on this site on the blog.

Murder in Bahrain

A War in the Family

Steve Bannon, General Noriega and the Perils of Perusing Classified Information

ISIS and the Lizard People

Let's Keep Drug Sales in the Streets

Lawyers: AI is Coming for You

The President vs. the FBI

Time to Examine Contract Arbitration Clauses

Bonus and End of Service in Saudi Arabia

Pirates of the Caribbean, An Arab Proverb, George Santayana, Donald Trump, Lolita and Game of Thrones: Oh My

Trump, Nixon, Bandar Bush and South Florida Golfers: Oh My

Jeff Sessions and Xuan Loc

A Few Thoughts about Publishing

Flying Felonies: United and Form 8300

About Elizabeth Warren

Winning High-Profile Cases: Jacques Vergès, Roy Black, José Baez

History Makes Literature

New Saudi Companies Law

Easter House, Phil Hendrie, Pizzagate

Trump, India and the NFL

James Joyce's Flight from France, 1940

Just Another Country?

The Constitution-Free Zone

Israel, Palestine: Why Kerry is Wrong: the Only Solution is No Solution

Wall Street Journal: Shut Down Lawyer Trust Acounts

Book Review: Finally Finding Love (El hombre que tardó en amar) by Silvia Nuñez del Arco

The Electoral College, the Chicago Cubs and a Thousand-Year Old Institution

The Night of, Better Call Saul, A Naked Singularity, Goliath

Left Behind Girl: How ISIS Killed Kayla

Nine Tips You Won't Find Anywhere Else (and how NOT to apply for a job on LinkedIn)

Suing the Saudis, Suing the Israelis

Suing Saudi Arabia: the JASTA Trials

Saudi Arabia in the Dock: the JASTA Trials

(No) Privacy on Craigslist

When your Lawyer Wears a Wire

U.S. Court Says "No" to Aramco IPO?

Hillary Needs Trump: Donald and KIm

Opening Bathroom Doors

Parallel Lines

Letters and Photographs: Copyright Questions

Disney's Gator Problem--and Florida's

Postcard from America: Fear of Flying Frontier

Facebook and Corporate Censorship

Meeting Jürgen Mossack (#panamapapers)

New Saudi Companies Law--English Text

Interpol's Dark Past and International Criminal Law

Should Entrapment be a Defense to Copyright Infringement?

The Sopranos, Pinot v. Merlot and Road Trips)

Five Stop Signs along Saudi Aramco's IPO Road

The Narrator and the Text, the Witness and His Testimony

How to Spot the Informant at your Local Mosque

Dresden, Tokyo, Hanoi, Raqqa

Intellectual Property in Saudi Arabia

Khobar Raytheon Building Fire Update

Two Classes of U.S. Citizens

How to Get Out of Jury Duty

Fraudsters, 1 Code of Ethics, 0

What Notaries Don't Want You to Know

Saudi Arabia: Time for a Safety Stand-Down?

When does a Diplomatic Passport not a Diplomat Make?

Do Bits and Bytes an Old Document Make?

Martha Stewart and Cecil the Lion: What Links these Cases?

How to Find a Federally Protected Witness

Copyright Conundrum: the Joan Anderson Letter

How Lawyers get into Trouble

The Broken Promises of International Arbitration

For British Readers: Half and Half and Of Counsel

Saudi Labor Law: 7 Changes You Need to Know

5 Roots of the Rohingya Crisis

Advice from Oscar Wilde

Let's Hope Women Make Saudi Driving Safer

The Decline of the Billable Hour

Djinn and Healthcare in Bangladesh