Machine Readable CV's


A human being won’t see your c.v.
Beautifully designed c.v.’s cross my desk from time to time. The effort to design them was wasted. Why?
Candidates who design their c.v.’s for humans ignore just how many applications are in the candidate pipeline. The sad fact is that there are so many applications that not even a platoon of HR professionals can read them all. For example, Facebook receives 15,000 applications for every job posted. The other tech companies deal with similar numbers. Even if you cull the number of applications to a hundred or so, this is too many for a single hiring manager to read. 
Do you ever wonder why job application websites ask you to input your data into a database (that’s what you’re doing when you’re answering web page after web page of questions) and then let you upload your beautiful cv as an afterthought? There’s no reason not to--after all, no one is going to read it and see how you masterfully combined serif and sans-serif fonts, not to mention your strict adherence to the centuries-old rules of typography.
So here’s a modest suggestion: make a machine-readable cv using strict, simple html or text, maybe even xml. The automated systems used by HR have a better chance of pulling information from a cv created this way. Who cares if if looks like a tl;dr blob?
Next up: how to game HR automated systems.